Company office space

Rest area on the 20th floor of the company

This is the rest area on the 20th floor of MESTIN’s head office. The entire floor is enveloped in light music, where employees can communicate, rest, eat and have fun freely. We have a coffee machine and coffee beans for staff to use. There will also be a dedicated electronic entertainment room as well as fitness equipment and treadmills for employees to relax and entertain. MESTIN always hopes that employees can work efficiently in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Factory random shots

A small corner of the factory

This is a small room in the MESTIN main factory, which is a team affiliated with the quality supervision department. At this moment, our professional quality inspection personnel are completing their quality inspection work efficiently, checking the products that are about to be shipped out of the warehouse, and conducting 360-degree full-process quality inspection work.

Exterior view of company building

Exterior view of company building

MESTIN’s head office is located in the Guangzhou International Trade Center (ICC). The company has convenient transportation, food, drinks and entertainment. We always believe that it is important to provide employees with a happy working environment, so that employees will have more motivation to work and the customers we serve will be more satisfied.