Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance Certificate Authorization

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliance Certificate Authorization

This certificate is issued after review and certification through the TIC-Procedure and regular supervision in accordance with GMPC and international production regulations. MESTIN’s engineers adhere to 100% formulation compliance at every level of the product development process. At first, the raw materials entering the factory need to be inspected by the latest infrared spectrometer to prevent the existence of impure raw materials. Secondly, during the production process, the quality control and inspection room of each procedure will inspect the material composition at each step of the production process. Finally, before the product leaves the factory, each batch is sent for microbiological testing to ensure product quality and production transparency.

MSDS material safety data analysis report

MSDS Report

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document on the characteristics of chemicals that companies provide to customers in accordance with legal requirements during the production or sales of chemicals. All products produced and sold by MESTIN have MSDS safety data ingredient tables to ensure 100% transparency and safety of product ingredients.MESTIN has a dedicated safety and quality inspection department, which is used for quality inspection of products out of the warehouse. It also undertakes the MSDS reporting work of various products. And our MSDS reports will be submitted to local government departments for the strictest approval. Any reports that do not meet export standards will be rejected. Therefore, we dare not be careless and focus 100% on the compliance of product ingredients. .

Health Canada CN qualification certification

Health Canada CN qualification

All MESTIN products have been audited by Health Canada, and each product has received a unique CN code (a unique code issued by Health Canada), ensuring the absolute ingredient safety and standard certification of the products sold.Every MESTIN product exported to North America and Canada will pass the assessment of the Canadian Health and Quality Inspection Department as soon as possible and receive a unique CN qualification code safely to ensure the normal and stable sales of the product. Similarly, we will also obtain FDA certification, CPNP certification, SCPN certification, JP-Cosmetic certification, PH-Cosmetic certification and NPRA-Cosmetic certification. Because MESTIN has a dedicated certificate testing and acquisition department, they work day and night to overcome certificate difficulties, so that all the products we sell can obtain product certificate certification in a safe, compliant and qualified manner.Finally, we submit it to the government department of the local sales country for verification to ensure that the ingredients of the products sold are 100% compliant.

Not tested on animals Certificate Authorization

Not tested on animals certificate

MESTIN has passed and obtained the animal testing certificate issued by Australia’s CCF (Choose Cruelty Free). CCF can be regarded as one of the most stringent review agencies. The scope of review includes not only MESTIN’s parent company, but also MESTIN’s subsidiaries and third-party production. Manufacturers, and are not allowed to conduct animal testing 5 years before submitting an application.MESTIN can indeed meet the requirements of this certificate. We firmly believe that brands embrace the power of nature and brands should coexist in harmony with nature. Therefore, all MESTIN product ingredients have not been tested on animals, and MESTIN walks with customers on the road to protecting animals.

CCAC certification audit


Our subsidiary, which specializes in the production of plastic packaging, has passed the international CCAC certification audit and successfully obtained the quality management system certification. The CCAC certificate is an audit certificate jointly recognized by the IAF organization, CNAS management system and China Bidding International Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. This means that MESTIN has the ability to undertake your packaging design and mass production, not just limited to private label manufacturing.

License to produce plastic packaging materials

Packaging and printing business license

MESTIN’s subsidiary passed the audit by the China Industrial and Commercial Administration and successfully obtained a packaging business license. This means that our packaging R&D, design and production capabilities have been recognized, and we have the confidence to help customers complete their product packaging needs.Customers only need to hand over your rich creativity to MESTIN, and we will complete a series of processes from product development and design, mass production, packaging material design and packaging to perfect delivery.